Published On 18 Mar, 2020
Anti-CAA facade in Telangana assembly is a testimony of KCR’s model of appeasement simulation

A brief peek into past in 2014 gives us a picture of earstwhile Andhra pradesh assembly passing resolution against bifurcation of state. I still remember how KCR, his party and of course all the sections of Telangana have called it unconstitutional. Later, the LAW made by Upper and Lower houses remained ultimate, resulting in the realisation of decades long earnest dream of Separate state of Telangana.

KCR, while being fully conscious of what a LAW is to its nation, has passed resolution against CAA in Telangana assembly. It is a clear deliberate act to further establish his false narrative on CAA that it will take away citizenship of muslims.

Moving forward, a few months after formation of Telangana, as TRS assumed power, KCR initiated ‘Household survey’ in Telangana, intimidated people by rumouring the possibility of snatching away their welfare schemes, rights and driving them away from this state if they do not provide details.

Now, the author of such a contentious massive feat is opposing NPR, which is again nothing but registering the data of citizens of this nation, which is optional, as said by Shri Amit Shah.

It’s amusing to see KCR say that he doesn’t hold any papers that certify his existence. He was a legislator, post-graduate(apparently), Member of Parliament, Farmer who took loans for cultivation, Landlord and now Chief Minister of this state. How did he attain so many roles without a single paper as proof??

Can we assume that he is misguided?? Not a remote probability. His understanding of CAA and NPR is clear as day. But, he already propagated a spurious theory of muslims being snatched away of their citizenship. He needed to fortify his theory by opposing CAA and present himself as their knight in ‘pink cape’.

The ultimate facade of anti-CAA resolution in Telangana assembly is a testimony of KCR’s everlasting thirst for minority votes.

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