Published On 1 Jan, 2020
Seva Saptah

Seva saptah-a week to celebrate SERVICE
A first of its kind of celebration which is all about giving, caring and serving.. When the initial call for Seva Saptah was given, I was overwhelmed because it was a surprise in all forms to celebrate our beloved leader’s birthday by Serving our people.I am a avid fan of ‘service’ which I use it synonymous with responsibility.I have employed multiple channels to serve my constituency throughout the year. Sevasaptah has acted as a catalyst and escalated my sense of Service to few more leaps.

From the BJP National President Sh Amit shan cleaning AIIMS corridors to all the hon’ble ministers giving out their best in SERVICE of the nation, the WEEK started off with loaded spirits across the nation.

Coming to my constituency, the typical cake cuttings, flexis, hoardings, bouquets, decoratives, loud crackers were superseded by blood donations, Food distributions, clothes distributions, Health camps. People have availed the medical services of trained health professionals at the health camps in large numbers and were also given few medicines free of cost.

The students from schools and colleges have pledged along with me to ban single-use plastics in their premises to save environment.

Through my Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation, critically ill impoverished children are treated throughout the year. We have doubled the number of cases of children to be treated during this week.The WEEK added a layer of happiness to my already existing state of gratification from my foundation’s activities.

My bit of doing service to the constituency was one thing.The karyakartas and leaders participation, their efforts to encourage others has reflected the true spirit of Seva saptah.

We have carefully documented every detail of this week’s contribution to our constituency in a magazine and made it available for everyone’s read.

I really wish and am confident that the perimeters of this ‘Seva Saptah’ will go beyond months and years and will be a everyday affair to practice SERVICE.

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