Published On 20 Aug, 2021
Special Welfare Fund (Corpus fund) For The Families Of Booth Level Members
dharmapuri arvind

Ours is the sacred land called ‘World is my family‘ – Ours is the great dharma which is considered as service is the ultimate.

🔸 Society is family – their well being is everything

Today I was lucky to serve the families of my family members booth level committee members.

I feel it is my sacred responsibility to set up a special welfare fund (Corpus fund) for the families of booth level members in connection with my Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation (ADF) which has saved the lives of more than poor children for almost ten years.

With this treasure, I will share in the hardships and happiness of my family members life.

This programme will be started on 23th August under the guidance of Telangana incharge Sri Tarun Chug garu in Lakkora village, Velpur mandal, Nizamabad district.

🔸 Self confidence – even in danger .

🔸Society is my family – Its welfare is my perennial objective.

I am fortunate and blessed to initiate a Corpus fund for the welfare of families of Booth level members.

On 23rd of this August, under the aegis of Telangana State incharge Shri Tarun Chugh ji, this initiative will take inception, enabling me an opportunity to serve members of my family.

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