Published On 7 Aug, 2020
PM Narendra Modi Laying Foundation Stone of Ayodhya Rama Mandir – Dharmapuri Arvind
Dharmapuri Arvind

History has blunders—Only a ‘Yug Purush’ can undo them.

Today, I did not have many words to express my feelings. It was serene and tranquil.

Was just glued to TV watching the 500yr dream getting it’s 1st brick placed a gratifying closure which opened a definite Hope for Ram Rajya.

Taking up an uncertainty may be easy, but to live through it,to break through it & finally achieve the certainty is only possible with a highly motivated, unwavering and devoted ‘Man of the Millenium’—Thank you Narendra Modi ji for laying a strong foundation for a righteous cause which paved way for a Nation, which we always dreamt of..

It was this Divine energy in you, we had faith in, propelled us to join politics and make a tangible impact on S.

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