Published On 1 Apr, 2021
KCR Government Is Anti-Farmer, Anti-Federal And Anti-People: Says Dharmapuri Arvind
dharmapuri arvind bjp

Mr. KCR is not opening the 3 units of Nizam Sugar Factory and is not providing support price to Turmeric.

Neither the state government is taking over the factory, inspite of its major shareholding & the promises made, nor allotting it to the private players.

The Sugarcane cultivation in the region is almost invisible in the region, on which 55,000 families were dependent.

The central government is ready to extend its share of contribution under Market Intervention scheme for Turmeric, in case of steep fall of prices, as adviced by MOS, agriculture, on the floor of the house.

KCR government is reluctant to send a representation to center on Turmeric.

Also, he betrayed the Maize and Paddy farmers repeatedly. We have no ambiguity in pronouncing him as the most vehement anti-farmer CM in the entire Nation.

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