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Is the False narrative around CAA costing TRS in this pandemic hour?

April 25, 2020
Arvind dharmapuri

COVID-19, the pandemic which is bringing world towards a standstill has left its virulent footsteps in India as well.

We, as a Nation, under the able leadership of Narendra Modi ji is fighting this Pandemic with all our resources, hard work and a mammoth financial package from center.

But, what is happening in Telangana? The Chief Minister, inspite of the state’s dire financial position is prolonging the Lockdown with stricter implementation, week by week. (Telangana is the first state to announce pay cuts to its employees.)

Are they hiding something? Is the false narrative around CAA and the excessive appeasement around it in the recent past is costing the entire state?

All looked well for the KCR lead government after demonising CAA and the irrelevance around it, till COVID-19 made its entry into the country and the Tablighi Markaz outbreak (quoted as ‘single source’ these days) from Delhi, responsible for the unprecedented surge in positive cases till date, had its tremors felt in Telangana as well.

Though Markaz attendees are spread across the nation, Telangana is facing deeper and hidden crisis.

We still remember the blaring trumpet of KCR and his crown prince in promulgating CAA as anti-muslim and a snatcher of minority rights. The eventual anti-CAA resolution in assembly was the finishing line to the facade.

The burgeoning hotspots in Hyderabad, Nizamabad and few other parts of Telangana, resulted by the congregation attendees and their primary contacts, is choking KCR’s government to the point of extending Lockdown beyond nation’s deadline.

Those ones, acutely brainwashed to protest against CAA and central government are now protesting testing, quarantine and treatment. The instances of unleashing dogs, hurling abuses and attacks on health workers and doctors, demonstrate the severity of the crisis.

This strong repulsive nature against our country and its laws/policies is nurtured for a long time by Congress in the past and now TRS.

I sincerely hope for the strict implementation of testing, quarantine, and treatment of every suspect and positive in the state, at least now.

Not all appeasements lead to VOTE BANK…Few lead to BANKRUPTCY

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