Published On 12 Mar, 2020
Is India witnessing cultural renaissance under Narendra Modi??

The plethora of deities, customs and rituals in Indian culture was always about worshiping LIFE and its elements. Our culture involves praying of deities which are believed to be embodiment of health, wealth, happiness, education, nature and every other element of Joy and Peace.

When Shri Narendra Modi first floated ‘Swatch Bharat’ program, the nation probably envisaged it as any other conventional Government initiative with few guidelines, funds and a regular dose of advertising. As it was the norm of previous political establishments to systematically ignore any welfare or social schemes, the ‘Swatch Bharat’ was also thought to be faded away after a few weeks or months. On the contrary, we have witnessed how it manifested into a phenomenon and then integrated into our Culture.Today and inevitably tomorrow, Swach Bharat is the face of our Indian culture.

We are witnessing how ’Ayushman bharat’ is creating strides in providing healthcare to the poor of this nation and proved that taking care of the less privileged should be our obvious responsibility.

The pradhan mantri Awas Yojna, in which crores of houses were built and ownership awarded to women, is an extended espousal of our women-centric Civilisation.

Upon NAMO’s clarion call to share the stories of inspiring women in our proximity, the whole nation started sharing stories of women with inspiring deeds. We had an opportunity to realise the amount of potential, women around us have been putting in to the well-being of this Nation. The 2020 Women’s Day was nothing less than a National festival.

NAMO’s resolute to fortify our culture by inculcating values in governance has redefined meaning of welfare measures— a means to instil self-esteem and self-confidence in middle class and poor sections of society.

Ujwala Yojna, Make in India, phasal bhima yojna or Beti bachao Beti padhao..Be it a scheme or a campaign..Each of them is now, a sustainable part of our Culture.

Swami vivekananda said hinduism is a WAY of life— Shri Narendra Modi’s government is successfully making it WAY more buoyant.

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