Published On 18 Aug, 2020
Hyderabad Hospital Horror: Governor Tamilisai Has made Sensational Comments on KCR Government…
Dharmapuri Arvind - Hyderabad Hospital Horror: Tamilisai Soundararajan On Telanagana's Covid Fight

Governor Tamilisai has made sensational comments on KCR government. They expressed severe dissatisfaction with TRS government under the control of corona.

KCR government did not act actively in corona building. The government could not predict the corona’s exposure.

Tamilisai said that doing large number of tests is the solution to control corona and asking the government to do mobile testing.

Governor Tamilisai said in an interview given to a national media that there was no response from the government even after writing five letters, warning the government on the extremity and spread of corona.

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