Published On 2 Jan, 2020
Diwali Celebrations

On the auspicious eve of Diwali, Our honourable union home minister Shri Amit Shah has directed leaders of our party to organise a corfial meet with the beneficiaries of Ayushman bharath in their respective constituencies.

Our state of Telangana has not opted for Ayushman bharat scheme.In the event of this, I have arranged a meeting with the families of children who got revived with Arvind dharmapuri foundation’s aid in Nizamabad constituency on 29th October, 2019.

At the outset let me introduce you to my foundation, initiated by me in 2013, to treat critically ill impoverished children under the age of 12. It runs completely on my personal funds and till date I had the opportunity of saving 130 little lives.

Let me share some heartwarming few stories from this meeting held at Nizamabad with you.

Baby of Anand kumar and Godavari, Dharpally.This is my Foundation’s 96th Case. I received the call from parents saying their baby is having seizures ,Pneumonia, hole in the heart.I have immediately arranged a state of the art ambulance, rushed the child from Nizamabad to Hyderabad’s premium hospital and contributed around ₹3,80,000 for his treatment.The parents had had him after 14 years of their marriage and wasn’t even named by then.I could see him all smiles on the stage.

This is our foundation’s 100th case.Vedant from Jagtial had blood cancer and needed large funds for his multiple stage treatment.Our foundation has contributed ₹2,00,000 for his treatment and he is completely cured of cancer now.He was just 4 year old while battling the deadly disease.

Master Bantu Aniraj from Yanampally village, Dichpally mandal had Hirchsprings diseases and was fatal unless operated. Upon learning that the poor parents have lost hope, our foundation provided ₹1,46,466 aid for the surgery and he underwent a second surgery after six month. The boy has recovered completely from his condition and is going to school.

Baby Akshara from Nizamabad had to undergo Liver transplantation, her father being the donor.Her father was working as a Office boy and our Foundation contributed ₹2,00,000 for her treatment. I still remember her gloomy and dry eyes during transplant. Now, I can see that the girl has totally blossomed into a life full of charm.

A baby boy from kammarpally village, dharpally mandal was born with Large intestine haemorrhage underwent a surgery for the same and was in ICU for 27days, from the day he was born.He had another surgery after 6months for the complete rectification of rectum.Our foundation contributed ₹1,30,000 for his treatment.

The 99th milestone of my dharmapuri foundation’s journey is a 3month old baby from Yousuf nagar,korutla mandal, Jagtial with a tumor in her brain. She successfully underwent the the surgery with our foundation’s aid of ₹ 2,00,000.

In few of the cases, involving new borns, the parents requested my wife to name them as their life started with foundation’s help.One of the parents, a catholic family named their son after my son’s, Samanyu and other after my name Arvind.

Distributed new clothes to the parents in the spirit of Dieali and had a meal together with them.

Many cases are critical, very critical and sometimes I had to go through hoops to cover expenses for their treatments. Few critical cases involved large amounts of money, in which I had coordinated with many NGO’s, conducted meetings with the treating hospitals and pooled sufficient funds for the entire treatment. The state’s Arogyasree scheme, aimed at providing healthcare to the poor failed at providing the same to these people.

No matter however tough it gets, It is always worth for the smiles on those little faces..

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