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Nation and leaders are indispensable

Our nation has cosmic potential and millennials brimming with energy. The onus is on the leaders to meticulously channel this energy into productive and jubilant future.

Pinnacle of my political journey

To serve fellow beings is manifest of the human nature. When you want to lead, the urge multiplies and it exponentially explodes once people choose and elect you to be their leader. I am on a mission to serve the last person I want to lead and wanted to be led.

Conflict is the essence of life

My political inclination has taken firm roots looking upto to my father, who is my guru in politics. But the one who propelled me into electoral politics is indisputably NARENDRAMODI. I had many opportunities as the potential heir of D.Srinivas in the INC party on many occasions. But, I knew I didn’t belong there. May be my grandfather’s staunch Jansangh’s genes were dominantly expressing their desire to be part of BJP.

What made me more humane

A TRAGEDY can bring the best or worst out you. A tragedy struck my family, when my four year old had to go through the ordeal of opening his little heart, not knowing whether he would make it or not— The worst phase of my life actually brought the best human out of me. It made me the institutor of Arvind Dharmapuri Foundation, which assists in the treatment of critically ill impoverished children under the age of 12.

Technology for governance

I believe optimum governance through technology and communication.I initiated a helpline centre, where people can call and register their grievances.My team will follow up according to the nature of the grievance and try to address as many of them as possible.This is in additional to the conventional services I offer to my constituency and country as an elected representative.