Published On 16 Jul, 2023
బిర్యానీ పెట్టి మరీ పొట్ట కొడుతుండు..కార్మికులను & ప్రయాణీకులను గోస పెడుతుండు..

కార్మికులను & ప్రయాణీకులను గోస పెడుతుండు..

KCR — A festering wound of Telangana

Almost a month…More than 50,000 RTC employees have striked during the unprecedented ’Sakala Janula Samme’ as part of Telangana movement, with their livelihood at stake.

Today, KCR is trying to privatise RTC and before that he is systematically erasing the identity of RTC by coordinated acts which include encroachment of RTC properties by his own party men & encouraging private transporters in the profitable destinations.

No one has answers to the spending of thousands of crores of employees’ PF & other funds of RTC. No recruitments in the vacancies, no new routes for passengers, no new buses in the busy routes.

Dharmapuri Arvind Comments on CM KCR

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