Published On 24 Jun, 2023
కాంగ్రెస్ బలాన్ని గుంజుకునుట్ల వాలి కంటే బలశాలి మన బాపు!

‘Our KCR appears stronger than The invincible Vāli, for he can grab 100% strength of the opponent Congress.’

Congress party MLA’s, 1/3rd of them in 2014 and 2/3rd in 2018 respectively frog jumped into TRS without hesitation!

It is a shame that a supposedly 125yr old party congress is claiming its growth in Telangana now and attributing into non-existent bonhomie between BJP & BRS..

In reality, KCR is the one trying to Airlift more seats to Congress this time (2023) eventually to square off 100% of Congress MLAs into BRS.

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