Published On 8 Jan, 2021
ఓ ఫెడరల్ ఫ్రంట్ కెసిఆర్ దొర! తెలుగు రాదా! లేదా ఇనవడుతలేదా… – Dharmapuri Arvind

We brought Regional office cum extension center for spices + TIES + Turmeric export CLUSTERS, which is in line with the New Farm laws, emphasising on infrastructure development.

With one request phone call to Shri Amit Shah ji, import of Turmeric is banned into the country and exports have already started to other countries from Nizamabad.

Shri Narendra Singh Tomar ji has announced ₹1 lakh crore for infrastructure development i.e., for TIES and CLUSTERS . With these allocations, The state government can provide ware houses, cold storages , processing units ,value added services along with the private players.

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